Happy New Year Malukah

Happy New Year!

WOOOOOOO! Happy 2019! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating.

My husband’s side of the family came over to our house for dinner and it was lovely. We played a few rounds of a cowboy board game called Bang!, and it was hilarious. Highly recommended.

Thankfully, there weren’t many fireworks, so Thor was able to nap through it all. Hehe!

I love the start of a new year and setting New Year’s resolutions, even though time has shown I rarely keep them. Who cares? I get these first few weeks of the year to live with the joy that everything might work out just as I envision.

I feel specially hopeful this year because during the last 4 months of 2018, I proved to myself that change is possible. I created a new habit that has made my life a better one.

I’ve been writing almost every single day.

Since reading The Artist’s Way–which sets Morning Pages as a daily assignment–I’ve been waking up early and writing for about 30 minutes first thing in the morning.

I used the TimeLime app (here’s a post about that) to track this activity. A blue dot for each day I wrote.

It feels INCREDIBLE to know I spent 77 hours writing and thinking instead of checking social media on my phone in bed.

It’s shocking to think that for the first 8 months of 2018, pre-writing habit, I spent 154 hours of the morning reading other people’s thoughts and feelings instead of checking in with mine.


This habit is my biggest personal win of 2018, and I hope to continue daily writing throughout 2019.

I have other standard goals, like exercising, losing weight, cleaning closets, etc, etc, etc. And I hope to share how I will attempt to tackle each one.

I don’t just make resolutions… I plan and strategize and overthink. haha!

Will this be the year that I’ll keep them?

You’ll just have to keep reading the blog to see…


Big hug from Mexico.
Thank you for reading,



  • Happy New Year Malu! Best of luck with your planning and strategizing, hope 2019 goes as well as the last part of 2018 for you!!

  • Hey Malu,
    All the best wishes for this year ๐Ÿ˜€
    I too have planned a few things for this year, I want to start exercising again and lose more weight. I had some stressful months which made it difficult to eat healthy, but that is over now and I can focus on my goals again ๐Ÿ™‚

    I always enjoy your blog posts very much and it will be interesting to read about the progress on your resolutions.

  • Happy New Year, to you as well! I never really made any resolutions, since I believe the best time for change is during the year and not at the end. And I can’t smoke or drink less, than I already do now ๐Ÿ™‚.
    Just thinking: If we all write comments here, don’t we make you read 154h again? Whoops, sorry…

  • Huh, that whole “writing for a bit as the first thing when I wake up” idea might help me too. Gonna have to try and remember that.

    Also, glad you had a great holiday time. Hopefully this year will be good for you, too. <3

  • “…reading other peopleโ€™s thoughts and feelings instead of checking in with mine.” Wow I’m going to keep that in mind. So thought-provoking โค

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