Germany Trip

Germany: Revelation #1

We got home from a trip to Germany on Thursday. My mind is a whirlwind because there’s so much I’d love to share, but don’t know where to start.

I learned a lot on this trip, both personally and professionally. I want to go through these things one by one, to make sure that I’ll remember them and actually grow from them.

Malukah Germany Duck
I met a duck. Or possibly goose?

Revelation #1 from this trip had to do with a meet-up.

I’ve worked online for the last 7 years. I sit in front of a screen every day, talking to people on social media that I’ve never met in person.

For all I know, they could be bots. Or maybe my mom made multiple accounts to boost my morale?

When I joined Twitch, I noticed how much more personal the live chat felt in comparison to static comments. You can respond and ask questions right back. It’s a conversation.

Names become familiar when you see them week after week, and soon, it feels like you know each other.

But, the reality still was… all I knew were names.

On this trip, I got to meet so many of the “names” I’ve seen online over the last few years.

It was pure, whole-hearted happiness. To see you as people. Real people. Huggable people. To be able to talk, laugh, and sing together. We made time for each other. Traveled to be there for each other.

It made me realize I’m not as alone as I sometimes feel sitting in front of a screen. Those names, even those who weren’t able to be there,Β are people. Beautiful people.

You are there. You exist. I confirmed it. Look.

Reverb Empire Boat Trip

Thank you for being such a highlight of 2018.


PS: More pics soon!

P: Thanks, Tommy, for all the mistakes you spotted. hehe! Oops. I can has write.


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