Creating a Font

Create Your Own Font… or Secret Code

There’s an app called iFont Maker for iOS. I bought it years ago and played around with it, never quite knowing what to use it for.

Until now.

The app interface is simple with letter guides that you can write over to create your own unique font. On my first attempt, I created a font with my normal handwriting. It actually turned out alright!


After getting the idea to write about my 5th grade secret code, I realized that I could use the app to create a font for it


It worked! I can type a message normally, then switch the font and voilรก. I have to send screencaps to people, of course, since this is not a universal font… Unless I share it…? hahaha! Download the Wonderlukah Secret Code Font.

WonderlukitahFor a moment, I thought… it’s a shame I didn’t have this technology when I was a kid. I would have gone crazy…

And then I realized, the great thing about NOT having the tech then, is I was forced to think of other solutions. Like, creating portable, durable laminated code cards.

The benefit of having the tech NOW, is that I got to revisit this memory and “update” it. Finding a way to bring it into the future made me feel like a kid again.

I love it.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the responses in the previous post.

Special thanks to Sardai, who created an online converter of this code with symbols that most of us have on our computers.
Check it out here:

I’ll have more info about the encrypted giveaway in the next few days!



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