Wonderlukah: Eraser Queen

Wonderlukah: Eraser Queen

Before you begin reading this story, please know… it won’t make sense. It never has, it never will. 

But it happened.

In 3rd grade, I somehow realized that eraser crumbs were fun to play with. Not the dirty, used crumbs… but clean ones, using the eraser on a blank piece of paper. I began collecting them in an extra pencil case. It was like a mini zen garden. The group of girls I hung out with were intrigued and started doing the same.

Now, I’m not a competitive person in general… but, I can be territorial about my weird ideas. I welcome anyone to try them, but I must remain the best.

While I was flattered the girls copied me, I also felt pressure to remain ahead of the game. 

Everyone had their own eraser crumb collection. How could I improve mine?

I made a comprehensive comparison of all erasers I had. The solid colored ones created way more crumbs than the transparent ones. Cute erasers smelled good but were a joke.

I got as many types of erasers as I could from the school supply store until I found the brand for this purpose. Saja. A super soft eraser with a distinct, pleasant smell. Compared to other erasers, it crumbled with the least amount of pressure and the crumbs were fluffy, not rubbery.

Wonderlukah's Eraser Test

Everyone soon caught on to this eraser type and again, copied my process.

Determined to reclaim my position at the forefront of eraser crumb innovation, I sat down to think.

What if… I wondered… instead of rubbing the erasers on paper, I found something else? A rougher surface that would disintegrate the erasers faster… Like… sandpaper?

My dad had some sandpaper among his tools. I tested it.

Saja Eraser

Behold. With little effort, the resulting eraser crumbs were plentiful and pristine. I had a hard time sleeping that night.

The following morning, I strutted to my desk with my Saja, sandpaper, and an air of superiority that silently scoffed, “Peasants!”.

I sat down and methodically laid out my tools, all eyes on me. As I began scraping the eraser on the sandpaper, the girls huddled around my desk and watched in awe as I effortlessly produced this magical, fairy dust. I was Queen. Who knows of what. But, I was on top of the world.

The next day, everyone showed up with sandpaper and my reign promptly ended once again. Hahaha! We kept collecting eraser crumbs, mixing colors, textures, and scents. Trading cute Sanrio pencils or pens for little baggies of this new, absurd currency.

To this day, it’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever done.

At a school reunion last year, some of the eraser girls remembered this, asking, “Why on Earth did we do that?”

I shrugged and rolled my eyes at our foolishness, secretly cherishing the memory. 

Inexplicably proud of the movement I spearheaded.

Did you do any weird things as a kid?

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I love this story! It’s definitely something I could see my kid-self take part in. And I would proud too! I would love to see the extra pencil case with eraser crumbs. Do you still have it? 😀

  2. That is the cutest story I’ve ever heard I guess. 😀
    I love it.
    In school I was never one who stand in middle, I was an outsider, a loner, however people would call it, but I was happy with that. I had one male friend in school. The girls where all to girly for me in that time 😀
    Instead of collecting weird stuff, I just played video games with my friend and listen to punk rock. xD I miss that time.

  3. Hahah, we did a very similar thing, except instead of gathering shavings if you work them together you get something similar to playdough, and it was a competition who would have a biggest ball 😛
    Or, if you fold and rub a page of paper against itself, especially those older, rougher ones, you can rub it down to extremely thin, tissue paper like, so it would end up in competition who could make the thinnest, most see through page.
    Ahh, those were the days of unlimited imagination and wonder.

    1. Can’t believe that halfway across the world, there were others with similarly weird minds. hahahahaha! 😀 I’d never heard of the paper thinning challenge. It’s something I must try!!!

  4. This was a fun read! I never started a trend in school, but I did start a secret society.
    We all chose a secret code name based on precious jewels 💎 (I was sapphire). The induction ceremony required members to draw their jewel and sign their names, and then we gathered the drawings and buried them in the
    I never got figure out what the greater purpose of the secret society should be, because the very next day one of the members (never found out who or why) ratted us out. Since I went to Catholic school I was informed by the principal such pagan rituals were frowned upon and to please never bury anything in the playground again.

    1. hahahahahahahaa! Pagan rituals? Oh, my. hahahahahaha! This is hilarious. And a bit tragic that you didn’t even get a chance to find a purpose. hahaha! Secret Societies always make me remember a series of zodiac thriller books… Scorpio Society? Something like that. I always wanted to be in one.

  5. This is too funny, but I am not surprised about you doing something like this. Hahaha! Have you ever tried Prismacolor’s Magic Rub erasers? I always liked how rubbery they felt. They also make pretty neat eraser crumbs.

    1. hehe! I looked them up. I’ve definitely seen them, but I don’t think I’ve tried them. What a scandal. I must order some immediately. hahaha! Thanks for ready, ChandaFlanda!

  6. Nice to read :D. It does show a scientific mind, even if the subject is unlikely the most scientific area. Made me think if I did something akin to this as a child and I’m not sure I can remember, which is a bit sad. Ah well .. but Faber-Castle .. the worst ?!? … ohh … there goes my childhood. Ah well, that is probably “german efficiency” for that :p.

    1. Hahaa! Nooo. Only that particular eraser was bad, in my opinion. The brand Faber-Castle is nice. I currently use their artists pens! 😀 And hopefully someday you will remember this memory from your childhood 😀

      1. Faber-Castle got a good reputation in regards to pens, of what I heard. Back in the days (i.e. when I was a child) I was quiet “exposed” to Faber-Castle pens and erasers .. not for artistic reason so. 🙂

  7. I started a gag that ran for a couple of months in pretty much every classroom in school; after class was over, I erased certain letters and numbers the teacher had drawn up on the blackboard and replaced them with smiley faces. These soon morphed into other little pictures of less savoury subject. The joke kind of wore thin after a while, but it was fun while it lasted 😀

  8. Never started trends (to the best of my knowledge) but we did have some very strange ones in school. We wore uniforms in secondary school, so all our shirts had pockets. The trend was that you rip the pockets off and keep them as some sort of trophy. The more you had, the more people respected/feared you 😂 The pockets came off very easily and it’s more harmless than it’d seem. Although, I do remember a few shirt buttons coming off in struggles where the pocket didn’t come clean off. I remember the day I lost my pocket… Out of compete instinct as 3 of my friends eyed it up, I took my own. But, proceeded to tear a hole in my shirt in the panic. I’d to wear a big cotton/polyester the rest of that day, during our summer exams in a heatwave.

    1. Hahaha! Noooo. Worst wardrobe malfunction on a super hot day! haha! Thanks for sharing, Kieran. Out of all the things that could symbolize status and respect… I would have never imagined uniform shit pockets. hahahaha!

  9. I was in some kind of private school, not the fancy expencive ones, but a more of a alternative one, where the concept was something like you play and you learn.
    We had a big garden behind the school with a lot of hazelnut trees. One time someone came up with the idea to use those hazelnuts as money, and in about a week everyone had at least one pocket full of hazelnuts, and there where loads of things to buy. One pocket had the value of around 1 € and you could buy school stuff like pencils, paper, but also tests and people that did your homework.
    After a while we had a vote for a major of the hazelnuttown and there where small busines forming. You could work as a collektor of hazelnuts at a tree that someone else purchased from the major, work in a bank that got robbed almost every day or as a private guard, because crime was basicly everywhere. The police of the city was corrupt, and mostly just took all hazelnuts of a thief, even if he didnt stole all of them. Looking back at all of this, it was probably close to a civil war, but we all managed it not to escalate the situation. However, we managed it to build a working city all by ourself. The teachers did not even know about this and we where all around first to forth gade.

    1. hahahaa I love this story so much. It really made me laugh. You guys even had corrupt police? Man, that is quite a dedicated community you built! hahahaha! I can’t believe the teachers didn’t notice. How fun! Thanks for sharing this and for reading!

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