I love the word Wonder.

Wonder, to me, is imaginative and playful thinking. It’s not “2 + 2 = 4″… it’s “I want to buy a bag of 20 oogly eyes. What could I use them for?” kind of thinking.

Feeling wonder leads to learning, investigating, trying, and experimenting.

Most importantly, wonder is a beautiful way to keep my mind engaged while staving off any sort of darkness that can creep up from time to time. It keeps frustration and despair in perspective, by reminding me there is so much more to life than what’s in front of me in one single moment.

GalGadotAt the beginning of this year, I jokingly said I wanted to become “Wonderlukah” when I confessed my dream of finally getting my life together, exercising, losing weight and developing elegant clavicles like Gad Gadot (the actress that plays Wonder Woman).

Part of getting my life together involves writing. So, here we are. This step proved easier to start than going the gym. So… hahaha!

Welcome to a space where I hope to share personal thoughts and adventures.

A place that will help me remember to keep wonder front and center, no matter what.

Thanks for being here.




  • I’m excited to follow along on this. Ever since the last blog I read, about someone building and living in a tiny house, ended I haven’t really followed any. I enjoy your music and videos so I am really looking forward to this.
    I’m back on the weight loss track myself so I wish you the best of luck.
    Also, in addition to the no shirt, why the huge knife?

    • This is a big mystery… the knife. We have no clue. No one in my family remembers. Hahaha! 😀 Brian, good luck with you as well with staying healthy! And ooooh, the tiny house rabbit hole… I once spent a good couple of hours watching tiny house videos on YouTube. It’s mesmerizing. hahahaha

  • So glad for this, Malu – I know how much writing has helped me on my own journey (battle, war, weird-a-palooza) the past 8 years. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder on this ride!

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